Sakura Toshitai Oonishi 151th: “Ama-chan (Akizaki Kohei-san) was exhausted”


Sakura Toshitai Oonishi 151th: “Ama-chan (Akizaki Kohei-san) was exhausted"

I felt like Ama-chan was exhausted this time. Surprisingly, Sakura and Onishi haven’t appropriately spoken with Ama-chan, although it’s been a hot topic in this program. Yuma Uchida-san of the same period is as good at speaking as he is, so I think it will be exciting for opponent Sakura and Onishi.

From Ama-chan story to Ko-chan story for some reason.

From the beginning, I will talk about Kohei Amazaki (Ama-chan), who is a junior of Sakura and Onishi. Actually, both of them planned to co-star with Ama-chan on another program after the recording of “Toshitai.”. That is why it was Ama-chan story.

The Tales special program co-starred by Sakura and Ama-chan is archived, so if you want to watch it, you can watch it on YouTube. Ama-chan, whose name has appeared many times in “Toshitai,” is said to have never spoken to Sakura-san or Onishi-san. Even so, I’m talking about that much.

By the way, I was surprised to find out that Sakura, Ama, and Yuma Uchida are in sync. Furthermore, when I heard that Ari Ozawa and Maria Naganawa were in sync with Ama-chan, they said that it was a good harvest. Well, I’m sure it’s a good harvest season. Still, I think Sakura-san and everyone in the same period is excellent enough.

Also, Sakura and Onishi talked about why Ama became Edison’s pinch hitter.
When Eguchi-san personality, Eguchi-san, can’t appear, it seems that those who have a schedule at 81 or I’m will give priority. Well, surely Eguchi is 81 and Onishi is Ime, so it would be appropriate to choose from these two offices. If we were to go to a different office, we would have to go through a separate procedure, such as paying gala.

According to Onishi-san speech, I had consulted with some people before Ama-chan, but it seemed like it wasn’t working. On Saturday night, the voice actor’s schedule seemed to have more people vacant. And it means that it was Amachan who stood the arrow of Shirahane. Edison, who Ama-chan served as a hit personality, has already been broadcast. I heard it, but it was usually fun. Onishi-san felt like exploring.

Well, Sakura-san and Onishi-san who talk about such Amachan, but before I knew it, I moved on to speak with Amachan about “Toi Girls Collection.”

That was serious. Sakura-san, who is just starting to say that he will collaborate with him, so he will try to get him off. Ama-chan seems to receive it normally if they offer it as a job without bothering themselves.

Did you really argue about Ama-chan? And Ama-chan talk is about Wiki photos. An image of Ama-chan has been published on Ama-chan wiki, but they are starting to complain about this image. Well, as far as I can see, it doesn’t look like such a terrible picture. However, I feel that the expression is a little hard.
They look at Ama-chan wiki and talk to each other, but I realize there is something. It !! One of the nicknames of Ama-chan may be referred to as “Anti-chan.”

If you are a listener who wants to, you will be able to see the rest of the process. I feel that Sakura is becoming more and more a favorite character for Ama-chan.

From food delivery to cooking and marriage

Onishi-san, who started to say that he used the food twice a day because it was convenient. Sakura-san suggests that I should try cooking there, but Onishi-san does not have that feeling. And the story goes to the direction that I should cook if I get married.

Well, I can cook, but I can live even if I can’t cook in today’s world. Especially in Tokyo, because the delivery network is well developed, you can easily order with your smartphone and eat as many delicious dishes as you want. In the end, Onishi-san started to insist, “Even if you can’t cook, you will cover it except for cooking.”

After that, let’s talk about which one, Sakura-san and Onishi-san, can get married. No matter what you do, it’s a pattern that follows this flow. I like it because it’s funny.

It’s surprisingly difficult to be a princess.

In the corner of the notice picture, this is a princess. Since it’s quite a hip, it’s better to stop doing it with a half-hearted feeling, but Onishi-san first challenges in the flow of the story. And of course, it failed.

Next, Sakura-san will take on the challenge, but I can’t lose to the princess. It feels like you’ve set fire to your disliked personality. I’m a princess on the net. If you search in this way, it will come out quite well, so you may revenge by looking at it.


Perhaps it was a shock that she couldn’t be a princess, but the next time, the two men insisted on going to muscle training. That might be interesting, but it won’t do as expected. I enjoyed this time, as well. This program is archived on Ottosen, so if you are interested, please listen.

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