Sakura Toshitai Oonishi 150th: “Sakura-san Goal was to Co-star with Her Teacher”


Sakura Toshitai Oonishi 150th: "Sakura-san Goal was to Co-star with Her Teacher"

This is the 150th broadcast, “Toshitai”. But the special feeling was that the cake came out. And for some reason, Onishi-san is addicted to raw blueberries. Then he wants to go to Canada to hunt fresh blueberries for the 200th anniversary.

I don’t think it’s possible to do an overseas location anyway. Still, I wonder if there is one chan because Seven Eleven is a sponsor. Last time, Yuma Uchida appeared again at the staff booth, and Sakura-san was playing around with it.

Sakura’s goal is “co-starring with Yuri Amano.”

After talking about pantomime as part of the lesson during Sakura’s training school era, I will talk about memories of Sakura’s training school era. Sakura-san, who is from Japan, is a kind of elite who wants to be in the office one year after enrolling in the junior class. So it seemed like I wasn’t attached to the training school, or it wasn’t so easy to remember.

This seems easy and not easy. The voice actor can’t do the same with the basic co-star. Besides, there are at most one or two veterans like Amano-san even if they are called by anime works. Sakura-san said that he sent a photo book and a letter to Amano-san when Sakura-san published the photo book last year. Amano-san’s reply came, and he was moved by the fact that Amano-san remembered Sakura-san in various ways.

I’m proud that the teacher who helped me remember it. I’m glad that Sakura-san seems to be purely happy about this area.

Is there any reason why Onishi-san likes Dodome color?

The opponent of Onishi-san first kiss that was talked about before. After talking about it on this radio, Onishi-san asked her mother who she was. Still, the answer she got back was an ambiguous “somehow son.”

Apparently, Onishi-san mother is also unsure. It may not be possible to look for it anymore, but Onishi-san does not give up. New information has been released this time. That is the clothes that the first kiss partner came to. Apparently, he is wearing a “Dodome color hoodie.”

For some reason, the two people are excited about the topic of Dodome color. In the end, it is concluded that Onishi-san preference for Dodome is the influence of this one case. Many things affect my childhood. What about Onishi-san?

What is the black history of Sakura and Onishi?

Sakura-san was talking about the dream he had on the day of his last birthday. As a result of listeners analyzing their goals, this year’s Sakura concludes, “Let’s fall in love while paying attention to black history. ”

And from there, I will move on to the story of black history. It’s ridiculous because no one has a black history. If you reflect on it a little, it’s all black history.

There are a lot of progressive ones at the moment, but the only one that can be said to be black history is the first one. It’s still a smile. Honestly, it seems that it is not that black history except the guy in the middle. Still, the setting that gum comes out from the umbrella in the middle is definitely black history. It’s kind of dark.


This article alone cannot confirm the fun of the radio. If you want to hear stories such as “Sakura wakes up to a man,” “I want Valentine to develop,” and “Shakespeare is a comedy?” you can listen to it for free for one week, and you can listen to the reflection meeting, so it is also recommended for those who watched at A & G.

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